What Is Body Positivity?

The body positive movement receives a lot of criticism. People say things like, "it's not okay to promote being fat" or, "if you're a trainer and you promote being fat, you're part of the problem."


The problem is that people are confused about what the body positive movement actually is. No one in the body positive movement (myself included) is recommending that people should be overweight. We are just saying that people should be able to love themselves - no matter what their body looks like in this moment in time - while simultaneously working to improve their health. And we're saying that while you're attempting to improve your health, weight loss is not the only thing you're allowed to focus on!

We should also be focusing on improving strength in order to prevent bone density issues down the road. We should be thinking about getting more vegetables in our diet in order to improve our immune systems. Health as so many components, yet somehow women's health is continuously dwindled down to smallness.

Being overweight/underweight/fat/skinny/athletic/etc and loving your body are not mutually exclusive. You can love your body and want to improve it at the same time, and THAT is what the body positive movement is about.

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